Running in the morning can be a bit daunting for some people. Many are tired in the morning and those that run would much rather do a run in the afternoon or evening as running in the morning often means getting up before 7 am in order to get to work on time. However, there are various benefits to running in the morning and here are some reasons you should consider adding morning runs into your routine!

7 Reasons to Run in the Morning

#1 – No Other Plans

By running in the morning, you do not need to consider when you eat your meals or when you are going out to socialise as very few people get up before 7 am and it is highly unlikely you will have disturbances or other activities to attend to during this time which may even result in you deciding to ditch your run altogether. This gives you all the time you need to squeeze in your morning run or workout provided that you get up early enough to complete it!

#2 – You Feel Good

When you wake up you often feel a bit groggy, but by getting out the door and doing a run you often end up feeling a lot better after a couple of minutes. All those feel-good hormones from exercise are kicking in and the blood is pumping around your body enabling you to feel wide awake which helps you to be alert for the day ahead. Don’t forget the cool morning air which will gently breeze into your face whilst you run helping you to feel awake and alive early on in the day!

#3 – Solitude and Less Noise

Depending on where you live, by running early in the morning, you often find yourself running quietly, only hearing the sound of your footsteps usually whilst collecting your thoughts about what’s been going on in your life. It can get so quiet that you become even more dependent on your senses – suddenly the wind sounds huskier or you hear the crunch of leaves underfoot a bit louder. By managing to escape from daily urban adventures to the wonderful beauty of nature, the sounds we hear everyday can suddenly become harmonious to listen to. The silence in the morning is something not typically found during runs in the evening and can provide a nice escape from the stress of your daily life.

#4 – Bigger Appetite = Bigger Breakfast

This one definitely applies to me, but by running first thing in the morning you help to kick start your metabolism by getting your cells working. As well as this, all the calories you burn tend to lead to a bigger appetite which means you can eat more in the morning before feeling full! What’s not to love? Of course, don’t go and overeat just because you ran in the morning unless the run was so tough that you deserve to eat that much food!

#5 – No one to Watch you

Sometimes runners feel the impulse to run fast all the time. ‘If it’s not fast, it’s not training,’ or so the general idea goes, but if it’s the idea of people watching you run slowly and judging you for it, well I doubt many will be there to watch you run slowly if you decide to get your run out of the way early in the morning and you can go at whatever leisurely pace you feel like without thinking about anyone judging you for your pace although this is something you should try not to let affect you anyway.

#6 – Free Evenings

By completing your run in the morning instead of the evening, if that’s your only workout of the day then essentially you are giving yourself a huge amount of freedom in the evening, allowing yourself to go out and socialise in the evenings or deal with unexpected plans or conference calls.

#7 – Double Up the Training

By running in the morning you can double up on your training and add squeeze in more miles which can help to build your aerobic base and make your leg muscles more resistant to fatigue by placing them under an increased amount of stress. The morning runs can be fast or slow, but slow runs whilst helping to build your aerobic base will also help to facilitate recovery if you have training in the evening helping you to heap on the miles if that is your goal.

The only real reason to not run or exercise in the morning tends to be lack of motivation or simply that you don’t want to sacrifice that hour of sleep (which is totally understandable) although you could always to try hit the hay earlier to compensate for this.

Do you run in the mornings? Let me know down below!