This week I’ve been out on holiday in Japan so the time I had to run was limited as we wanted to make the most of our stay there in Sendagaya which is near Shibuya, therefore I did all my runs in the morning whilst most of my family were still asleep so my training wouldn’t interfere with our trip (which was amazing – I might do a blog post on that later)! I was quite surprised that I managed to keep mileage fairly high with a much lower frequency of runs throughout the week around the beautiful Yoyogi Park. Whilst I was away, I didn’t do my press and sit routine as it was slightly impractical but I still did 5 x 10 push ups with as long recoveries as needed to do another 10 quick and fast whilst maintaining good form.


AM: 16km steady (1 hour 22 mins)Quite a comfortable pace, not much else to say really.


Did no training today, just rested as we were going on a tour bus up and around Mount Fuji!


AM: 25.8km steady (2 hours 1 min)

This run was a bit of an over distance training session by pushing myself to run further than I had ever done before in terms of length of time spent on my feet and distance. It wasn’t exhausting as the intensity was relatively easy to moderate with my average heart rate around 140bpm, but it was fatiguing.


AM: 21.2km (1 hour 48 mins)

I certainly felt yesterday’s run in my legs upon waking up this morning, but somehow that didn’t stop me from running half marathon distance. It was certainly a good way to put very pre-fatigued legs to the test on another one of my longest runs!


AM: 14km (1 hour 13 mins)

Okay, I was considering not running today but since I knew there was no way I’d be running on Saturday as we were flying back from Japan I decided to run again at a slower pace with a 6 x 30 second accelerations until my heart rate hit 155bpm at which point I would slow down. I did begin to feel my achilles and lower calf muscles becoming slightly tender during these accelerations so I hope I didn’t overdo it.


My day consisted of waking up at 3 am to catch two flights – one to Seoul and then to London. Sleep quality was rather limited, but I did my best to get some decent shut-eye on the plane. Unsurprisingly, my legs ache after the last 3 days of running.


Finally back home! Rather cautious of the workload I placed on my legs during three days of high volume running at a low intensity, so I did my press and sit routine and a gentle 3km jog.

Weekly Mileage: 80.3km / 50 miles

How was your week training? Let me know down below!