Two races this week, a 1500m and a half marathon so the training was eased down a lot, but here’s how it went!

Monday – Lifting and Flipping

I went down to London for a strength session today. I was running a bit late, so I did an 800m jog warm up from the station to the track, making it just in time before they started the circuit which consisted of 10 exercises, with 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest periods. The exercises included:

  • Burpees
  • Clapping press ups
  • Snatch and squat (10kg)
  • Overhead barbell press (20kg)
  • Deadlifts (50kg)
  • Lunges with 15kg
  • 100m recovery jog (there and back)
  • A-skips on the spot
  • Front squats (40kg)

Wednesday – 1500m Race

I’ll keep it fairly brief here, although you can read about the full race experience in another post, but the race didn’t go as planned. The pace set out slower than I wanted (at which point I should’ve taken control and gone to the front), with the first lap being around 72 seconds, so I had to try and make up for it in the later laps. I finished in 4:27 which was fractions of a second slower than my pb, but what frustrates me is that I know I would’ve got a pb if I hadn’t been running in lane 2 the whole race because I was unable to get into lane 1.

Friday – Lifting and Running

I must admit, I had been told to skip the lifting session today and just do a 20 minute jog, but I felt the urge to at least do some lifting so I toned the workload down a bit from the original session I was given. I did a ten minute jog warm upĀ and went to the gym where I did:

  • Deadlifts (8 x 65kg, 6 x 75kg)
  • Back squats (8 x 45kg, 6 x 55kg, 4 x 65kg)
  • Cleans (8 x 25kg, 6 x 30kg, 4 x 35kg)

After that, it was a 20 minute run with a target heart rate of around 140 bpm which was just about 4km for me.

Sunday – Half Marathon Race

I went to the start line with two targets in mind today; to run a time of sub 80 minutes, to come in the top 3 and to not get lost (which I did last year). The gun went off and I was wary of my pace. I wanted to try and hit 3:45 min/km splits. Almost immediately I found myself in 3rd with one man sitting just behind me. For the first 2 kilometres, I achieved my desired splits, but then I slowed until I caught up to 2nd who then sat behind me applying pressure. Towards the end, he gave a surge which I matched to stay in contention for second, but when he surged again, I couldn’t match him and I finished 3rd in a time of 78:55 which I was very pleased with! This is my race summed up very briefly, but I could go into a lot of detail.

Final Thoughts

Whilst I’m not that satisfied with my 1500m race this week, I’m very surprised and extremely happy with how my half marathon went despite how much it has left my legs aching. Whilst my endurance is promising, I definitely want to keep working on my speed so I can have the ability to run these longer distances at a faster pace.

How was your week training? Let me know down below!