So, I haven’t posted a weekly reflection in about a month which doesn’t sound quite right, but the reason is that I was so occupied doing my warm weather training vlogs and blogs in Portugal, that I felt a lack of time to do a weekly reflection, so now that I’m back, I’m going to start again!

Overall, I felt the whole warm weather training trip experience was hugely beneficial for me and I’m sad that it had to come to an end because by that point the whole group felt like family. Not only was the training tough and motivating, being around people with a similar mindset and goals to me has certainly helped improve my drive.

I got back early Thursday morning and it’s probably fair to say that there’s quite a bit of catching up with school work to do whilst maintaining my training schedule. However, to help receive the adaptations from the training and recover, I was given a rest day on Thursday and Saturday as I was taking part in the Track Mafia: Get Paid event!

After watching the London Mini Marathon and London Marathon (a really awesome experience!), I went down to Westfield shopping centre for the races and found a team of 4 to compete in. There were four team races – unfortunately for me, most of them were sprints so I was the slowest on the team, but when it came to the last event called Fallout, that was my territory and where I could support my team! There was money on the line at the event – £1000 for the fastest men’s, women’s and mixed teams so I put everything into the last event (and I think I pulled a muscle in my back), but ultimately we didn’t manage to win (second I think). It was an awesome experience though and I’ll share more on it in a post later this week!

I hope nothing serious has happened with my back and I can keep running through it because it is giving me ‘niggles’ of pain. Hopefully, now that I’m back in England, I can keep training hard and see big improvements in my speed!

How was your week running? Did you know anyone doing the London Marathon?