This week took another mini leap in mileage with the addition of more strength and core work. It certainly was tough!

Monday – Track Session

AM: 8.24km (44:54) – I was still feeling very tired and fatigued in my legs from the weekend
PM: 5.1km warm up, track session followed by a 5.3km cool down

Originally I was told that if I was feeling tired, I could give the session a miss. This track session was one of the more critical ones in my training programme so I couldn’t miss it, and I didn’t think I would be allowed to either. My legs were more tired than I realised since after I finished the 600m, I felt quite good but failed to hit the target time for the 400m. The time’s I hit are in normal brackets with target times in square brackets.

(Time Ran) [Target Time] {Recovery Time}

  • 200m – (32.8 seconds) [35 seconds] {1 minute recovery}
  • 200m – (33.0 seconds) [35 seconds] {1 minute recovery}
  • 1200m – (3:50.8 minutes) [4 minutes] {4 minutes recovery}
  • 1200m – (3:56.1 minutes) [4 minutes] {4 minutes recovery}
  • 800m – (2:31.1 minutes) [2:30 minutes] {2:30 minutes recovery}
  • 600m – (1:53.3 minutes) 1:40 minutes] {1 minute recovery}
  • 400m – (73.3 seconds) [68 seconds] {1 minute recovery}
  • 200m – (34.4 seconds) [35 seconds] {1 minute recovery}

I was pretty pleased with the session all the way up to finishing the 800m rep where my legs really began to feel ‘dead’. I went out hard on the 600m but really paid the price for it, running one of my slowest 600m times recently in training. Ideally, I would have liked to have hit around 1:45. The 400m was arguably even worse considering the first lap of my 1200m (to my surprise) was around 73 seconds.

Tuesday – Hill Runs

AM: 8.25km (42:11)
PM: 1km easy jog followed by 9km of easy running up and down hills (168m elevation gain total). After this I had 14 x 15 seconds uphill strides, focusing on leg speed and a 2km jog cool down.

My legs felt quite tired during this run and I had some niggles in my achilles running downhill. Fortunately, the discomfort didn’t increase and it was absolutely fine when sprinting uphill.

Wednesday – Rest

I was very tired from the last two days training (mostly Monday), and since I hadn’t rested that much since racing, fatigue from there was probably sitting in my body so I took the day off, only jogging 2km in the afternoon for pleasure.

Thursday – Hill Runs

AM: 8.22km (40:35)
PM: 1km easy jog followed by 6km of running on hills, running at 90% effort uphill and easy downhill (121m elevation gain total). After this I had 17 x 15 seconds uphill strides, focusing on leg speed and a 2km jog cool down. Then at home, I had a circuit consisting of 4 sets of 14 exercises where I would do each exercise for 20 seconds. The circuit consisted of:

  • Tuck jumps
  • Tricep dips
  • Clapping press-ups
  • Squat thrusts
  • Burpees
  • V-sits
  • Lying down running man
  • Twisters
  • High knees
  • Front plank (on forearms)
  • Side plank
  • Back plank
  • (Other) side plank
  • Front plank (again)

1 minute recovery between each set!

Friday – Weights

AM: 8.23km (39:21)
PM: 4km jog to the athletics track, weight lifting, 4km jog back

I’m putting more weights into my training in order to work on my muscular strength so that I can produce more power whilst running which will help to generate more speed. I varied the weights from low to high on the following exercises:

  • Back squats (35kg to 60kg)
  • Hanging cleans (20kg to 40kg)
  • Snatch (2.5kg to 7.5kg) – I’m currently working on technique here as this is a new exercise for me

I also did pull-ups, kneeling nordics, reverse nordics, deep squats with a 12kg dumbbell and leg pulls with a resistance band. Unfortunately, I managed to get a cramp in my hamstring, but by the time I jogged back there was pretty much no sign I had cramped earlier.

Saturday – Hill Sprints

AM: 4km warm up, hill session, 4km cool down

Oof, my legs really felt it when I got up this morning from the weights the previous day! I had a mix of long and short hill reps ranging from 50m to 420m with long recoveries to make sure I ran each rep as fast as possible (although I don’t think this was possible because of how fatigued my legs felt).

  • 420m – (1:40.7) {8 minutes recovery}
  • 2 x 300m – (1:12.5, 1:13.4) {7 minutes recovery}
  • 3 x 200m – (51.6, 51.5, 51.3) {6 minutes recovery}
  • 4 x 100m – (24.5, 24.7, 24.7, 24.7) {5 minutes recovery}
  • 6 x 50m – (12.2, 11.9, 12.3, 12.3, 12.5, 12.1) {4 minutes recovery}

The 50m reps weren’t flat out although I made sure they were fast with the focus being on trying to maintain good form. Also, the first hill I used was different from the hill I used for the other reps hence why my 200m time for the hills is about half that time.

Sunday – Long Run and Lifting

AM: 16.35km (78 minutes)
PM: Gym session

Just a relaxed long run in the morning albeit with fatigued legs, with another gym session in the evening mimicking what I did on Friday.

Weekly Mileage: 117.1km / 72.7 miles

How was your training this week? Let me know down below!