It’s been another week full of rest with one race, similar to last week. Seeing as I haven’t been giving my legs the rest that they’ve required from the half marathon, my coach prescribed me with more rest in the days leading up to the Kew Gardens 10k.

Monday – Friday

My week has been filled solely with easy runs ranging from 3km to 5km in the morning with no hard running in the evening or strength work. These runs were done at a relaxed pace and during my Wednesday morning run, I threw 5 x 30 second hills in there at a fast, but not exhaustive pace.


I had my Kew Gardens 10k today. It was an early start with the race going off at 8:30 am in London. To try and make sure I was fully alert, I had some coffee in the morning. The weather conditions were good at around 10°C and my legs felt nice and loose.

The horn went off to start the race and I ran, chasing after Rebecca Murray, another runner from Bedford. I settled on the back of her and another man for 5km which we went through in 17:11. Towards 6km I began to struggle and after that, I got dropped. I slowed down, dropping away from the pack and finished in 35:18.

Final Thoughts

Whilst the race at the end of the week didn’t go as planned, it has strengthened my resolve to work hard throughout the winter to develop an even stronger aerobic base in order to run faster next season. It’s quite possible I haven’t been resting as much as I should’ve done after the Holstebro half marathon and the damage I’ve suffered from that race still sits within me.

How was your week training? Let me know down below!