Felt a bit tight from Saturday’s session last week, heading into this week of training. Still, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from doing the training since I knew the tight feeling in my legs would subside (and it did).

Monday – Track Session

AM: 8.24km (43:36)
PM: 5.2km warm up, track session followed by a 5.3km cool down

The track session went better than last week’s. My legs were more tired than I realised since after I finished the 600m, I felt quite good but failed to hit the target time for the 400m. The time’s I hit are in normal brackets with target times in square brackets.

  • 800m – (2:29.1 minutes) [2:30 minutes]
  • 600m – (1:45.1 minutes) [1:40 minutes]
  • 400m – (73.4 seconds) [72 seconds]
  • 200m – (32.6 seconds) [33 seconds]

Tuesday – Hill Runs

AM: 8.28km (42:48)
PM: 3km easy jog followed by 7.3km of easy running whilst surging uphill (157m elevation gain total). After this I had 15 x 15 seconds uphill strides, focusing on leg speed and a 2km jog cool down.

Wednesday – Long Run, Weights and (Fatigued) Sprints

AM: 16.68km (1 hour 20 minutes)
PM: Did some weights, mostly focusing on cleans and trying to work on my technique

At the end of the lifting, I managed to do 3 x 45kg hanging cleans (a new personal best). I also did 3 x 90kg deadlift.

After that, it was a short track session of:

  • 2 sets of 150m (20 seconds recovery) followed by 100m with 10 minutes rest

I felt ready to run fast, but as soon as I began the first rep I knew my legs were ‘sucked’ from the lifting and were drained so my times ended up being:

  • 21.84 seconds for 150m followed by 15.85 seconds for 100m
  • 22.42 seconds for 150m followed by 15.77 seconds for 100m


PM: 6.06km (33:09)

Just an easy run today as I was quite fatigued from the training yesterday.


AM: 5.89km (32:13)

Another easy run to help ease the stiffness and soreness out of my legs in hopes of being race ready for tomorrow at the Chiltern League combined with the UK Cross Challenge at Teardrop Lakes in Milton Keynes.

Saturday – Race Day

Started the day with an easy run with some strides thrown into the mix. My right quadriceps felt a bit tight, so I used a foam roller to try and ease out any stiffness before the race.

AM: 3.3km (18:10)
Race: 8.8km cross country race (32:38) with a 3km warm up and 2km cool down


My legs felt theĀ achiest I’d felt them in a while (probably since my 10km race at Kew Gardens). Even though this was my rest day for the week, my coach asked me to go out and do 20 – 30 minutes of easy jogging to try and loosen up my legs.

AM: 5.44km (29:25)

Overall, it’s been a pretty successful week of training with some heavy lifting and a good race to end the week.

Weekly Mileage: 104.7km / 65 miles

How was your week training? Let me know down below!