My legs have felt more fatigued than usual despite what I would consider being a lighter workload since I raced on Wednesday. I can only suspect that the fatigue deep within my muscles from my half marathon two weeks ago has not quite left my legs.

Monday – Mobility Exercises and Bodyweight Training

To start the week off, I did mobility exercises whilst holding a javelin (any long straight pole would do) and rotating it backwards and forwards over my head to mobilise the arms. The exercises also involved keeping the javelin straight over my head and moving it forwards and backwards whilst keeping my arms straight as well as picking my legs up over the javelin whilst holding it low down with straight arms.

The bodyweight training (aka callisthenics) composed of various exercises using the plank position, variations of v-sits (a type of sit up), inverted push-ups, clapping push ups, side plank with leg raises snd kneeling nordics, with 20 reps of each exercise to be completed.

In the evening, I went for a 20 minute jog just to see how my legs were as I had a race on Wednesday and wanted to make sure my legs were alright to race. Thankfully, I did the jog without any pain in my legs like I had the previous week despite it being rather slow paced.

Wednesday – Watford Open Meeting 3000m

I went for a 10 minute jog in the morning followed by strides just to check my legs were fine getting up to speed which they were. I didn’t have many expectations for the race, but I wanted to give it my all as always.

In the race, I got boxed in for the first 200m before managing to break out of the pack. Around lap 3 there was a group of runners in front of me and I ran faster to catch up with them (although everyone was running slower than they were for the first couple of laps), but then a couple of laps later they caught up to me and passed by – I couldn’t stick to them and got slower over the last few laps. I finished in 9:35.17 which was decent since it was 4 seconds off my pb, but I had hoped to have improved by a bigger margin in the 3000m this season.

Friday – Bodyweight Training

As I was off to Denmark for my cousin’s wedding, the facilities I had for training were a bit limited so I was given a repeat of the bodyweight training to complete today. My quadriceps felt rather sore whilst doing these exercises and my hamstrings quite tight. I’m sure this is due to the 3000m at Watford two days prior.

Sunday – 30 minute Steady Run

I completed a 30 minute run at a steady pace which happened to be at 4:43 min/km today, although whilst the pace did feel comfortable my legs felt a bit sore after. I’m not quite sure where this soreness is coming from, but I hope it goes away soon.

My race went alright this week and the training has been decent. This week has been lighter as I’ve been tapering a bit towards the end of the track season.

How was your week training? Let me know down below!