It’s been another hard week of training despite the two day break I had in the middle due to a biology field trip for my A levels. I’m hoping that all this work will pay off in my next race, the following week.

Tuesday – 300m Repeats + 5,000m

I had 6 x 300m with 2 minutes recovery followed by 5,000m ten minutes after. I did the session on an open grass track which was slightly uneven, and I was also unfortunate in that it was an extremely windy day with winds around 32 kph on the home straight of every 300m. My times ranged from 48 – 50 seconds, slower than I wanted but considering the conditions I thought it was acceptable.

The 5,000m I did ten minutes after, running at around 3:40 min/km pace. However, I managed to miscount how many laps I had done and stopped one lap short, then 20 seconds after stopping I realised I may have miscounted, but since my watch showed 5km I didn’t continue – it was only when I reviewed the run later that I realised my error. Regardless, it was a difficult 5,000m for me to do after the 300 repeats, so I was pleased with the hard effort.

Friday – 200m Over and Over and Over

2 sets of 11 x 200m today with one minute recovery was my session, with six minutes recovery between sets. This session was also executed on a grass track as the athletics stadium nearby was closed. My times were consistently in the 32 – 33 second zone for the first set, with each 200m feeling harder and harder with the oppressive heat.

In the second set, I began to feel a stitch and my times were a bit slower ranging typically from 33 – 34 seconds, but I managed to get my last 200m into the 32 second area so I was pleased with that. My hamstrings were hurting a lot after the session from all the explosive 200m starts.

Saturday – Bit of Running and a Circuit

I helped pace Yusuf Bizimana at the parkrun today, running at around 3:00 min/km pace for 500m for one of the 2.5km loops that made up the parkrun and then continuing with pacing him on the next lap at the same 3:00 min/km pace for 1km before trying to finish the rest of the loop (about 1km) as best as I could. The group of us pacing him managed to help him achieve a time of 15:05 which was a big pb for him!

After that, I had 500m and 200m with one minute recovery. The 500m was a bit slow in 84 seconds after going off very quick at the start, but the 200m I managed in 32 seconds which I thought was alright after doing the parkrun pacing this morning and with my legs still aching from yesterday’s training.

Then I had a circuit consisting of 3 sets of:

  • 20 x split lunge jumps
  • 20 x stand up squat thrusts
  • 20 x burpees

This was an absolute killer to my quads and on the second set I found myself struggling a lot, but I was glad to get it done.

How was your week training? Let me know down below!