This week I was really upping the miles from previous weeks of doing around 30mpw (miles per week). My coach asked me to do 50 miles this week by doing lots of easy, steady runs with one harder 1 hour effort in order to build up my endurance. If I ran most of my miles at 10 min/mile pace, he didn’t mind. In addition, to build my strength I had my press and sit and gonzo routines almost every morning in order to build up strength in my upper body, core and legs.


AM: 7km morning run (33:48)
PM: 8km steady run (35:09) with 2.3km cool down (12:32)


AM: 6.4km morning run (31:50)
PM: 8km steady run (36:48) with 1.6k cool down including 4 strides (9:17)

I was feeling good the first two days so I did my runs at a faster pace.


AM: 8km morning run (36:25) with 2km cool down including 6 strides (12:06)
PM: 10.2km slower paced run over hills (53:37)

After my run in the morning, I knew I would have to start taking my runs at an easier pace since the muscular fatigue was beginning to catch up to me so I made sure to do my evening run at a slow pace.


AM: 6.4km morning run (36:00)
PM: Rest

Very easy today as I wanted to help facilitate my body’s recovery so I did my morning run at a very leisurely pace.


AM: Rest (other than my press and sit routine)
PM: 7.3km (36:44) steady run with 1km warm up and cool down

I didn’t have to do my gonzo workout today since I had scheduled my harder 1 hour run effort in for Saturday. My legs still felt quite tired especially my right hip abductor muscle.


AM: 16km faster paced high end aerobic run (65:57) with 2.8km cool down
PM: 6 x 5 second sprints with warm up and cool down (3.5km)

The morning run was done at 7:20 am and I kept my heart rate around 160 bpm for most of it, occasionally letting it go up to around 166 bpm. By not allowing my heart rate to rise too high I ensured that the run focused on training my aerobic system. As an added bonus, at the end of the run by Garmin bumped up my VO₂ max to 70! Yay!

Then in the afternoon, I guess I felt a bit restless so I went for 6 x 5 second hill sprints. The reason the sprints were so short was that I was focusing on training the alactic system. This is where energy used to generate speed comes from ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and CP (creatine phosphate) within the muscles. I did these sprints in order to keep the neuromuscular system stimulated during this period of the base phase which consists of many longer, slower, steadier runs and to ensure I maintained a quick leg turnover and top speed.


I was feeling fatigued in my legs, particularly in my calves from the hill sprints yesterday so I took a rest day today which worked out well since I was planning on having at least one day of complete rest this week to recover from the higher volume of training I had been doing all week. Although that didn’t stop me from going out for a gentle jog this evening!

PM: 2.3km (13:57)

Final Thoughts

It’s been good to up the mileage this week whilst keeping my runs nice and steady. I can feel the mileage is fatiguing my muscles, so although it is slow, it isn’t necessarily ‘easy’, particularly when you look at the mental aspect of it. All of my runs I kept between 140-160bpm except from my 1 hour run where I pushed the ‘limit’ up to 168bpm and some of my very gentle jogs. This week I hit a total of 59 miles which is a big jump from last weeks 40 miles, but I plan to run more volume this season early in the base phase.

How was your week training? Let me know down below!