Despite having rested on Sunday my quadriceps and soleus (the muscles around your Achilles’ tendon) felt rather tight in particular. I expect this is down to the 3 consecutive long runs I did last week.


AM: 8.5km (42:30)
PM: 5.2km warm up, track session followed by a 5.7km cool down

The track session was definitely not executed as well as I hoped as my legs were in a fairly fatigued state. The target times for me to hit are in square brackets next to the times I achieved in normal brackets.

  • 200m – (33.6 seconds) [33 seconds]
  • 400m – (71.0 seconds) [72 seconds]
  • 600m – (1:47.6 minutes) [1:40 minutes]
  • 400m – (73.4 seconds) [72 seconds]
  • 200m – (34.2 seconds) [33 seconds]

It was frustrating to have a 600m time 6 seconds slower than the previous track session I did, but I really felt my legs burning up at the end.

Tuesday – Complete Rest

I needed the rest – it’s that simple. Yesterday’s session was sub-par so I took the day off training as instructed by my coach because as he likes to emphasise, the improvement happens in the recovery.


AM: 6.4km (33:40)
PM: 4km warm up, gym session, 4.2km cool down

Some lifting today doing some cleans, clean and jerks and lunges. Here are some of the exercises I did:

  • 12 x 30kg cleans
  • 10 x 25kg clean and jerk
  • 2 x 10 x 25kg lunges
  • 6 x 35kg cleans

I did also attempt to one clean at 40kg as I had done it before and knew it was possible for me. After attempting it 7 times, I chose to give it a rest and jog back home. Doing 35kg, the movement felt ‘clean’ (no puns intended) and smooth. It’s most probably down to my technique which is hard to correct without anyone watching.


AM: 8.2km (43:24)

Just a slow steady run today as I wanted to feel good for my race on Saturday.


AM: 3.3km (18:25)
PM: 3.7km (20:24)

A couple more easy runs spread throughout the day, comfortable and enjoyable.

Saturday – Race Day

Decided to do an easy run in the morning just to get myself mentally prepared for the race with some strides in between. Felt rather good in my legs and excited to race after not having raced for a while.

AM: 3.3km (18:14)
Race: 2.88km cross country (9:57) with a 3.2km warm up and cool down
PM: 6.6km warm up (32:00) with 6 x 30 second hill sprints (3 minutes walk back recovery)


Woke up feeling a bit tighter in my hamstrings than I’d have liked, but still decided to go out and do my long run for the week.

AM: 16km (79 minutes)

Felt alright running although my left hamstring was slightly uncomfortable, so I will be foam rolling that later today.

Weekly Mileage: 92.9km / 57 miles

How was your week training? Let me know down below!