Back to a hard week of training for me with no races this weekend. I’m determined to get the most out of every session before easing down the following week for 5,000m on track at south of England track and field champs.


I hadn’t done a gym session in a while so I was given that to do with a bit of work on the resistance bike afterwards.

Back Squats

  • 8 x 20kg
  • 6 x 40kg
  • 4 x 60kg
  • 2 x 65kg
  • 1 x 70kg

Cleans (these I find difficult and I’m still struggling a bit with the technique)

  • 16 x 20kg
  • 6 x 30kg
  • 6 x 35kg

After that is was onto the resistance bike, peddling hard for 20 minutes. I definitely prefer running to cycling and didn’t enjoy watching the time slowly count down from 20 minutes, but I think it was good that I cycled today instead of ran as it meant there was no impact which would help my legs to recover from racing last Sunday.

Wednesday – 400m repeats

Today, I was talking about how I didn’t enjoy sessions like 10 x 400m with 1 minute recovery in between. This time I only had 7 x 400m – but 3 minutes recovery in between. I gritted my teeth slightly. I knew this was going to be hard. Since the recovery was long that meant each 400m had to be done hard, so whereas if I had 1 minute recovery I would be doing each 400m between 70 – 73 seconds these would have to be a lot faster if possible. I was feeling fatigued from the gym session yesterday and the lifting, so that made me especially anxious of how I was going to do when I was set a target of doing each 400m in 63 seconds.

My 400’s went as follows:

  • 64 seconds
  • 65 seconds
  • 66 seconds
  • 67 seconds
  • 69 seconds
  • 69 seconds
  • 69 seconds

It really did become difficult after around the third set and I would always end up slowing down drastically on the last 200m. To make things harder, between each set we had to do 8 plyometric jumps over hurdles, bringing our knees up as high as we could.

Saturday – Parkrun Pacing and Strength Work

Today, I went down to help try and pace Yusuf Bizimana in a parkrun. As well as pacing him, it was to be a part of my training to see whether I could maintain the pace of 3 min/km (with hills).

The start of the parkrun went off without us even realising for a few seconds and the two of us pacing him at the start were quickly thrown into a panic. We ended up running the first 500m at 2:35 min/km pace and then I dropped off heavily at 800m when my legs just tightened up, but I pushed on to 1800m at the top of a hill where I stopped and waited for Yusuf to come around on the second lap, before pacing him for half of that (where I successfully managed to stay in front and pace him) until someone else took over.

In the end, Yusuf got 15:35 for his parkrun which is still very quick. I’m pretty sure if the first kilometre wasn’t so fast at the start then he could have gotten very close to 15 minutes or broke 15 minutes.

After that we went to do some strength work with medicine balls, throwing them sideways whilst keeping our legs elevated in the air to work on our core strength. We also did lunge jumps, throwing the medicine ball up in the air with explosive power as we landed in the reverse lunge along with various other exercises.

Sunday – Long Run

I’m beginning to start my taper for the 5,000m track race for south of England champs, so since I hadn’t done any runs longer than twenty minutes for a while, I was given a long run with a target of running 15 kilometres in 60 minutes.

I decided to get the run out of the way in the morning and aimed to keep each kilometre just below 4 minutes so that if I did fatigue and had to slow down I would still hit my target time. Fortunately, I managed to run consistently with a 3:54 min/km average which left my legs tired in a way they hadn’t been for a while from running for so long. What was more problematic was probably the blisters forming on my feet as my toes rubbed together, making it a bit painful to run for the last half an hour.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, a week of solid training for me. For the next week, my training volume will decline as I prepare to peak for the race next Sunday as this will be my biggest race of the season. I’m not quite at the standard to make nationals (which is the week after), so I’m making this race the biggest race in my track season.

How was your week training? Did you parkrun? Let me know down below!