After the high mileage last week, I was pretty tired. Obviously what is defined as high mileage varies depending on ability, but typically I would be able to run 40 – 50 miles a week with two or three quality sessions. Last week was up to 80 miles, with most of it being slower, steadier runs.

Monday – Rest and Recovery

AM: 3.3km (19:23)

It did feel quite different to run for about 20 minutes and have that as my only run of the day, but at the same time it was nice to have a break after two weeks of running and training.

Tuesday – Rest and Recovery

AM: 3.3km (19:34)

Wednesday – Complete Rest

I would’ve gone out for an easy run like the previous two days since it’s something I enjoy doing in the mornings, but throwing up last night made my stomach feel tense and heavy so I did close to nothing apart from walking about 4km to do some shopping in town.

Thursday – Getting Back Into It

AM: 3.5km (19:54)
PM: 9km steady (45:08)

My legs felt a bit heavier than I wanted in the evening run, but it was good to do a longer run apart from the rain!

Friday – Easy Run

AM: 6.24km (31:03)
PM: (My) Birthday Partayyy!

The run in the morning was fine apart from again my leg muscles didn’t feel as good as I expected them to. I’m not completely sure why, but I hope they feel better for tomorrow’s race despite partying tonight!

Saturday – Race Day

AM: 3.49km easy with strides (17:11)
PM: 9.2km cross country race (33:11) with a 3km warm up and 2km cool down

Sunday – Recovery

AM: 8.15km (38:27)
PM: 2.3km very easy (14:16)

My legs felt better than expected at the start of my run this morning so I thought I’d keep going and see how I felt. Towards the middle, I could feel the fatigue in my legs so I cut the run off at 8km when I got back to my house.

Mileage: 54km / 33 miles

How was your training this week? Let me know down below!