What is Get Paid?

Well, the idea of ‘Get Paid’ is to… well… GET PAID!

It is an event run by Track Mafia and Nike and is run in teams where the slowest member of each team clocks the time for each event. There are multiple events and the distances range anywhere from 50m upwards but tend to stay below around 500m except on a couple of occasions. The idea is to ‘run in places you aren’t supposed to run in’.

How cool does that sound?

So, for their first event, they held it at Revolution Karting Centre and their second event was held at Wembley Stadium. I didn’t attend any of these because I was unaware of them, but I sure was going to attend their 3rd event at Westfield Shopping Centre!

There are around 180 places for participants to sign up, and signing up is free. Teams can be composed of men, women or both (mixed teams) and the winning team in each category goes home with £1000 to split between them!

Who are Track Mafia?

Track Mafia describe themselves as a group of like-minded souls in search of ‘SPEEEEED’! (Yes, 5 E’s)

They are in fact a running club based in London who have a big emphasis on the social side of running which can make running feel so much more rewarding, motivating and help forge deep bonds and friendships between runners.

The Event

The 3rd event opened up for checking at 7pm and each participant was given a free t-shirt to wear for the event (I absolutely love the material) and a team number to stick on the front. This time it was teams of 4 and there were 4 events which each team member had to participate in.

The participants at the Get Paid event

  • The sprint
    • A (roughly) 100m dash to the finish.
  • Suicide runs
    • Sprint 30m touch your foot on the line and sprint back – then do the same at the 60m and 100m line.
  • Piggyback run
    • Two runners sprint 100m to tag a pair of runners waiting for them, then the whole team sprints back.
  • Fallout
    • All teams members run together around a 370m circuit as fast as they can, at the end of each lap one runner drops off. This continues until the last team member completes the last lap!

At the end, the men’s, women’s and mixed teams with the quickest cumulative time wins the £1000 and as an added bonus the quickest team for each event won a £200 Nike voucher. Since no teams composed solely of women entered, the prize money was split for a grand jackpot of £1500 to the winning men’s and mixed teams. My team didn’t win, I think we came second but we got a choice of a free chicken or veggie burger to eat after the event!

It was good fun and a great experience having the whole shopping centre closed off for us to run in and I’ll definitely be looking forward to participating next time around!

Will you be looking at participating next time? And will you GET PAID?