As part of my training under my new coach, Jeffrey Nkrumah, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel to Albufeira in Portugal for a running training camp. The purpose of this trip will be to give us young athletes an understanding of what it means to train like an elite athlete for 3 weeks and to improve our running form as well as our mental and physical capabilities.

We are lucky enough to have one Olympian who will be coming with us: Marilyn Okoro which will definitely help inspire us.

I am really looking forward to this trip and we will be leaving on Tuesday, 27th March 2018. Thankfully, my school have given me permission to leave for my training and I sure am ready to go and grind out the training out there, because I am hungry for speed.

I am hungry to improve. To get better. Faster. Stronger.

From what I’ve been told our training will include aqua jogging, plyometrics, callisthenics, gym work, weights, meditation, circuits, strength/resistance training and, of course, running!

Throughout the duration of the trip, I plan to vlog my experiences so please, check out the vlog section of my blog (that sounds ironic) and get some inspiration!