Coach gave us a lie in this morning so we got up at 9 am and went into doing our morning press ups and crunches.

We all had a bit of a staggered breakfast as some people got up later than others and then coach told us after that he wants us to find a few races in the season to peak for.

Pool Session

The session was originally scheduled for midday, but was pushed back to 1 pm because a couple of us had breakfast late.

The session consisted of doing the gonzo workout 10 times which is:

  • Tuck jumps x 10
  • Squat thrusts x 10
  • Burpees x 10

Doing burpees in the gonzo workout

Straight after we jumped into the cold pool for recovery and did ten laps warm up and then put on our aqua belts and did 8 x 30 seconds of high knees in the pool.

Me getting out of the freezing cold pool (and spudding my coach) before going into shock

Honestly, I was absolutely freezing the whole time during the warm-up and the pool session. My teeth began chattering and when I got inside there was a point where my body ceased up and I had to be assisted upstairs to my room to have a warm shower. Even after that I still felt cold and threw a jumper on quickly.

Evening Excursion

We headed off to harbour in the evening to go and have a look at the man-made beach. Unfortunately, it was closed because we were planning on going on some pedal boats out there.

Man-made beach

It would be early to go back, so we walked to the harbour we went to on our rest day. As it was around 7:45 pm, we decided to find somewhere to eat dinner.

The group settled on Uniko Grill House and Bar, but after reviewing the menu and wanting to go for a cheaper alternative (originally I thought we were going back home for dinner), Yusuf, Zoro and I went off to look at pizza hut and then ‘shock’ McDonald’s!

This is probably the first time I’ve eaten a McDonald’s in 6 or 7 years and honestly, it was probably a decision driven by budgeting my money and knowing that if I ordered a salad at the grill house I would have to order 2 salads and another main to go alongside which would be too much money for me.

I ordered 20 chicken nuggets and a snack chicken cheese wrap and after, we walked back to meet everyone else and drive back home.

My snack chicken cheese wrap

There were some feelings of guilt having a McDonald’s, but I can’t lie it tasted good, especially the wrap, but I would never let it become a regular thing.

See everything that happened down below:

When was the last time you had a ‘cheat’ meal?