Up early again at around 7 am after going to bed late and straight into press and sit with an emphasis on going chest to the floor during the press ups.

I had my usual breakfast of eggs, cheese and boiled vegetables, but still felt peckish so I was snacking until about 10:30 am.

Strength and Conditioning

We left for the track at around 1:20 am and got started with a few laps of relay drills and then went onto using the resistance bands.

Doing relay drills around the track

The exercises were difficult and worked my glutes and hip abductors a lot, but the session was light compared to the previous track sessions.


After stopping by at Lidl again and getting some meatballs for dinner, we got back and I actually didn’t make dinner tonight despite an impulsive urge to be doing work in the kitchen.

Yusuf and Zoro (behind) preparing dinner

Yusuf and Zoro insisted I take a break and let them handle it so instead I worked on my training trip vlogs and limited myself to preparing solely the vegetables.

Dinner was lovely and filling, and I had a massage after with quadriceps so tight that our sports masseuse, Tamara thought the muscle was bone until she physically picked it up with her fingers.

My legs feel like they ache even more after that deep tissue massage, but it’s probably best. Luckily tomorrow is a pool session so there will be zero impact.

See what went on down below:

How do you like to train on your easy days?