Morning Session

Another day where I was woken up and put straight into action.

Maz and her training partner, Rachel were here and we went onto do our daily press and sit and then straight out for 2 x 3.1km laps. On the way back on the second lap we picked up the pace to 3:54 min/km with hills.

Sunny skies on our morning run

The run felt good although I felt slightly fatigued from yesterday’s long run. We went onto perform breathing exercises after, focusing on inhaling deep into our diaphragm.

After, we had breakfast and then ‘intimate time’ which is when we all gather together and discuss everything that has been going on in training.

Track Session

Maz and Rachel picked up Ellie and Molly, two young athletes who had arrived to train with us for a week and we got to the track where it was drizzling.

We did our warm up and drills and then I got ready for my session: 3 x 400m with 5 minutes recovery.

Starting the 400s

I was annoyed I left my spikes behind at the house, so I couldn’t run as quick as possible, but that’s my fault. My times were: 65, 67 and 69 seconds.

Straight after we went to do a circuit which takes around 6 – 7 minutes, 4 times involving exercises such as:

  • Tuck jumps
  • Tricep dips
  • Press ups
  • Squat thrusts
  • Burpees
  • V sits
  • Plank

Performing tuck jumps in the circuit

All of us were struggling after 2 sets, so coach dropped up down to 3 sets and when we were doing plank for the last time we had to hold it for as long as we could – I managed 2:12 and was absolutely exhausted after. Then we went onto do our cool down of strides.


We went off to Lidl for our dinner shopping and then back home for dinner. This time I wasn’t cooking for once and Yusuf took charge, cooking a mix of chicken in tomato sauce. We didn’t eat until around 9:30 pm so I was constantly snacking.

Altogether, today was hard training and the 400s had my legs burning and lungs gasping. I’m looking forward to a run-free day tomorrow.

See everything that went on down below:

How has your training been so far?