Morning Hill Session

We stayed up late last night editing video footage, so I was probably the last one to get up at 8:30 am.

We did our daily 100 press ups and 200 sit ups, this time with a partner holding a fist under our chest which we had to make contact with for each press up to count. 7:26 for me this morning which was alright, and then off for a 3.5km warm up before a hill session.

During the warm up, I could feel that despite the rest day yesterday, my hamstrings were tight, especially going downhill.

We started the session of 8 hills, each one about 12 seconds long for the quicker athletes and 13 seconds for me with 4 minutes recovery between hills.

Short hill sprint with me lagging at the back

At the start of each hill, I would be left behind but apart from the start, the distance between myself and the other athletes didn’t change much – I knew I needed to work on explosive leg power.

My legs ached at the end of each rep and I ended up doing 10 press ups after 5 hills for being last. I didn’t complain because I knew it would make me stronger.

James Spencer gave me some encouraging words, telling me how he used to be as slow as me 6 months ago and that’s why he joined his sprint group and manage to improve so much.

Yusuf Bizimana, perhaps the athlete I aspire to be like most also supported me by saying he used to be exactly like me and that if I continued with coach’s training I would definitely get up there with him.

Tamara, our sports masseuse and a former one of coach’s sprinters had prepared a big breakfast for us full of eggs and salad.

Breakfast prepared by Tamara


Everyone was getting peckish at around 3 pm, and at 4:30 we went out to a local retail park to buy some food (albeit more expensive) at Continente. I bought some frozen vegetables, but really, I’m waiting to go back to Lidl where everything is cheaper.

After we went to the Nike store in another retail park literally 2 minutes away from where we were at – and it was even a factory store, so that’s where they sell all the last season kit at a reduced price.

Nike Factory Store

I browsed the shoes and clothes, and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to buy. I feel very comfortable running in my Nike Free 5.0’s and using them for casual wear, but we’ll be coming back next week so I’ll decide then. Before I buy anything though, I’ll see if the Nike Influencer who’s coming over has any free kit for us!


Hopped back onto dinner tonight with roasted chicken wings in a paprika-chili marinade, put the vegetables on the stove and went up for a quick shower.

Dinner was good and enjoyable tonight, although everyone was looking at the table for more chicken wings.

View everything that went on below:

What are your thoughts on how the day went?