We were given a lie in and got up at 8 am. Coach came into our room and gave James and me, a long talk about his athletes and how he aims to get them to fulfil their needs.

We jumped into 100 press and 200 sit in the morning, I got another personal best again of 6:46. It’s hard but I feel more motivated than ever to do my best.

After that more or less it was just breakfast and then chilling inside until we went out to the harbour.

Eggs for breakfast! Yum!

Afternoon Excursion

I packed my own lunch of tuna, sardines and salad before we left just to save money if we went to a restaurant. The journey was about 45 mins and I slept for part of the way there.

Me sleeping on the minibus

Chilling at the harbour in Loule








We explored the harbour for shops and restaurants and even found a group of athletes from Preston along the harbour.

At around 3 pm we began looking for somewhere to eat – we walked into McDonald’s – shocker for me! I haven’t walked into McDonald’s for several years. The group wasn’t up for McDonald’s though, so we went and ate at Take Italia. I ordered a minestrone soup to go with my packed lunch after whilst everyone else ordered pizza.

Lunch at Take Italia

We happened to meet up with some athletes also from England who were on a 2 week training camp from Preston and spoke to them for a bit before heading off home.

Meeting the athletes from Preston


We had dinner which consisted of more chicken, mushrooms, salad and some leftover potatoes at around 7 pm which was the earliest we had eaten since arriving in Albufeira before heading onto doing lots of video editing for the video down below!

What do you like to do on your rest days?