Up at 6:30 again today to start the day with 100 press ups and 200 sit ups and then off for a morning run. I took out the frozen vegetables before we went just so they would boil quicker when we got back.

Coach took us off in the minibus and five of us went out for a morning run on some roads and rocky terrain, jogging downhill and picking up the pace uphill.

A nice early 6k morning run was a good way to start the day

I could feel I was tight in my right glute and my hamstrings from the 100m sprints yesterday. It was a good run to wake up and when we got back I was hungry for breakfast.

Track Session

We headed down to the track for another hard session, my hamstrings and glutes still feeling really tight.

After a short warm up with strides and drills, we got ready to do 3 x 800m with 5 – 8 minutes recovery.

Yusuf, James and I were together, with Yusuf doing 1k repeats. Just before 800m, I and James would start running. However, after coach put James and me down to 600m to focus more on speed.

In the end, my times were 2:28, 1:40 and 1:42. My 800m may have been a bit conservative because I had no idea how I was expecting to feel or do, but I was very pleased with my 600’s as the quickest recorded time I had prior to that was 1:44.

The start of the final 250m

Then, coach threw in a 250m right at the end. Burn. My legs, especially my hamstrings were destroyed. I could really feel them when we did strides as part of our cool down. Because coach could see we were sore, we skipped the plyometrics he had planned for us do after.


Straight to Aldi for more shopping and I bought some dark chocolate and sweet potatoes.

When we got back, I hopped onto dinner and roasted some more chicken, boiled vegetables and potatoes. Then I realised we didn’t have any sauce so with Zoro (another athlete), we blended tomato sauce with the potatoes to make a mash which tasted alright but it looked rather odd.

After a good supper together, we spent a while just talking and ended up going to bed at 00:23.

Thankfully, tomorrow was a rest day so I would be able to recover, and then hopefully go out on a little excursion out to the harbour for lunch.

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What are your thoughts on how the day went?