Morning Session

We stayed up late last night watching the movie 12 years a slave (for me, a surprisingly good film), but somehow I still managed to get up at 7 am despite going to bed at 2 am. After eating breakfast, I began doing my packing early for the flight back home today, and so I could squeeze in a pool session just before midday without having to worry about packing. There was a lot of cleaning, eating up scraps of food and sorting out clothes which lay sprawled around the house.

At around 11 am, we went to the apartment Marilyn was staying at to use their pool for the session because it was supposedly warmer than ours (I thought it was colder). The session was optional, and only I decided to go (last man standing)! It was designed as a lighter, pool recovery session to finish off our training.

Doing the pool session

We did 10 laps of swimming as a warm upĀ and then we got onto the session which consisted of 30 seconds of high knees in the water, followed by 40 seconds of recovery, ten times. It was a fairly easy session although it had my hamstrings and glutes working more than expected. It felt refreshing to do a session in the pool when it was so hot.

Journey back home

We finished off all our packing and headed to Faro airport. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to squeeze in a quick visit to the nearby Nike Factory Store. Inside the airport, we ate dinner which some of us had prepacked from the leftovers remaining in the house before almost everyone on the first flight left, leaving four of us behind. Fortunately, I had the company of Marilyn and her sister, Joy and we took the flight back to Luton.

My dad met me at the airport and took me back home. I can definitely say that when I sat down in our car it felt very luxurious and comfortable. I got back at around 2 am and did some unpacking (and snacking) before going to sleep to wake up for school the same morning at 6 am.

Overall, I can definitely say I feel that the whole trip and experience has benefitted me in many ways, physically and mentally and will be key in my development as an athlete. I will never forget some of the memories I made on that trip and the gruelling track sessions we had and for that I am very grateful to all those who have supported me on this trip, for those who accompanied me there and made my time there a blast and most of all, to my coach Jeffrey Nkrumah who has given me more hope than ever, that I can achieve my goals, and for that, I say thank you!