Morning Session

I got up a bit late today towards 9 am and coach said we were leaving in 20 minutes and we needed our black and white t-shirts for training today. I managed to find my black t-shirt amongst the laundry and quickly pack lunch for after the track session today. Since I woke up late and I knew the track session would be hard I wasn’t going to eat anything.

We went and did a shorter 7 lap warm up. I was with Yusuf for my track session today and we warmed up with 4 x 150m at around 23-24 seconds. Each rep was to be completed flat out: 1500m, 300m, 100m, 500m and 200m.

  • 1500m (4:40)
  • 300m (48.1 seconds)
  • 100m (14.75 seconds)
  • 500m (1:24)
  • 200m (32 seconds)

I felt absolutely drained after the session. It shook me down onto the floor and I don’t know whether it was because of the heat as well, but I felt feverish and my head hurt.

I tried out some equipment from one of our trip sponsors, Speedfreq which was fun to use. The idea of the equipment was to improve your muscle memory, by helping you to dorsiflex (flex your toes upwards) to improve your running technique.

Trying this piece of funky equipment was rather fun – the freq reflex!

After that, I finished off with 4 sets of strides and then I began eating my lunch which consisted of chicken, leafy greens and almonds.


Straight after, we headed to the large shopping complex and went up to the food court. Everyone got some food there, whilst a few of us went down to the supermarket Continente to buy some precooked chicken there (including me – I was still hungry). We ate outside for a while and then I had a chicken wrap and we went back down to do our food shopping for the evening. To stick to the budget we bought 2 chickens to roast for dinner.

At the very end, coach gave an ‘award’ to everyone, which was more or less an evaluation of each and every person on the trip.

See everything that happened down below:

Have you tackled a hard training session in the heat recently?