I got up at 8:30 am to do our press and sit again – we were back to clap press ups and v-sits after two days of rest from press and sit. The clap press ups (despite my hands not clapping but touching together for a short period of time) we getting easier. Unfortunately, even after not doing the v-sits for the past two days, my abs were absolutely killing during the v-sits so it took me a while to complete all of it, but I got it done.

Then we went out for our morning run consisting of 2 loops around 4.2km each. The first lap was done at an easy pace, and then on the second lap we picked the pace up a bit – when we were coming back on the second lap, I kicked and Yusuf followed me, leading me and pushing me to run harder and faster all the way back to the house. Throughout the whole run, I could feel my legs were aching more than usual, probably because of the hard track session yesterday. We finished off with two strides and then went in for breakfast.


We were supposed to do a pool session in the afternoon, but because it was raining and it was cold, we were given a rest in the afternoon. I baked some yellowtail flounder which I bought earlier on in the week to snack on. I ate that, avoiding the bones and when I came back to eat some more everyone else had eaten the rest!

Poking the yellowtail flounder with a fork to check if it was cooked

I didn’t feel like cooking that evening and neither did Yusuf. Luckily Marilyn and her sister, Joy were around so we went shopping at Continente where I bought some already cooked chicken to munch on whilst they bought pizza, salad and pasta for everyone. They cooked dinner for everyone whilst I went into the pool to do a bit of swimming.

Pepperoni pizza

Dinner was delicious, I allowed myself one slice of pizza (it tasted good!) and afterwards some of us stayed downstairs to watch a movie whilst I and my roommate, James decided to go to sleep.

See everything that happened down below:

What’s your favourite type of pizza to indulge in?