Got up at 6:30 am feeling alright and went down to finalise my vlog for the first day.

Once everyone was up at 7 am, we all went onto doing 100 press ups and 200 crunches. With the Inspired By Sports crew with me, I pushed myself hard and finished in 7:53 beating my previous best of 9:36. I lack the explosive strength in the push up phase of the press up so I’m going to work on that.

After, as a group we went out for an easy 20 minute jog to explore the area, it was hilly, there were a fair few stray dogs and it was hard to find a route for us to use.

Once we had finished, we went onto do breathing exercises and coach explained to us that we need to do ‘deep breathing’ and take in the air so our stomach expands rather than your chest, because when you expand your chest, you are just squeezing air from your abdomen into your upper body.

By breathing deep through your stomach you can increase the volume of oxygen flowing through your body so you can better oxygenate your muscles and improve your performance.

After that, we were done for the morning so we ate and chilled inside and then got ready to head to the track for the afternoon.


We went down to the track and did a 4k warm up with drills followed by 2 sets of 7 x 100m with 60 seconds recovery – the aim for me was to do each one under 14 seconds which I managed most of the time. For such a short session it was hard, but I felt like it was a good speed session for me.

Getting ready to start the 100’s

We went to Lidl after for shopping for the evening and we hoarded chicken and frozen vegetables.

For dinner, we had pasta bolognese, boiled vegetables, roasted chicken legs and spinach and we sat around the table together as a team enjoying our late night dinner at 9 pm.

Spinach, mixed vegetables and bolognese (the pasta is on the side)

Bit blurry, but we sat around the table to enjoy dinner together













Anyway, I’m looking forward to training again tomorrow and to further improvement.

Here’s the full scoop:

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