Morning Session

I got up at around 8 am this morning and got myself downstairs. My arms ached badly from the clap press ups the past two days and my abs were feeling even worse from the v-sits – just getting out of bed I was having a little fight with myself. No one was downstairs, so I tried to think optimistically and hoped that coach would let us miss the clap press ups and v-sits for our training today.

I was wrong.

He got everyone downstairs and we began. The first set of clap press ups went alright, but it was painful. The v-sits were even worse. It was hard to do more than 4 at a time. Everyone was suffering, so coach halved the press and sit to 5 sets and allowed us to do ‘pumps’ which is where you hold the plank position and thrust your hips towards the floor and then into the air.

Doing clap press ups in the morning

Afterwards, we went out for a warm upĀ in the light rain – fortunately by the time we had finished the Sun was starting to come out.

I had 8 hill sprints to do – each one was short and fast – flat out. But flat out for me could only take me so far. I was last on every rep, but that didn’t stop me from trying my hardest, trying to keep my legs flying through the air and feet skipping off the ground.

Then I went into the cold pool with Louis and Zoro as part of our recovery – the idea is that the cold allows the blood vessels to constrict, preventing swelling the muscle tissue where microtears have occurred during training. We stayed in there for about 15 minutes before having breakfast, even after getting out of the pool I was shivering for half an hour after, it was that cold.

In the cold pool with Louis for our recovery after the hill session


We went out to Lidl to buy food again for dinner, this time we bought 3kg of chicken thigh which was plenty compared to usual 2kg of meat we would cook for dinner with frozen chips, vegetables and a leafy salad to go alongside.

It took a while to cook all the food, but it was all done by around 10 pm. We ate together and then sat down and watched part of a documentary about Usain Bolt called I Am Bolt before going to sleep.

See some of the hill sprints (and me having a little lash out) down below:

What sort of hills do you like to tackle and at what effort?