Morning Run

I got up for training and heaved myself downstairs for 100 clap press ups and 200 v-sits. I definitely didn’t feel ready doing these again; my arms and abs were aching. It was probably knowing that everyone else was suffering as much pain as me that kept me going.

After we went out for what was supposed to be an easy 30 minute run with coach dictating the pace in the horrible wind and rain we faced this morning. We did one big loop which took us 22 minutes – I looked at my watch and realised that if we were to do another loop it would probably mean the run would take 42 – 44 minutes depending on if we gave a ‘kick’ at the end which coach said we could do if we wanted.

I was running at the back of the pack so when a couple of runners kicked early on and we were running downhill, I didn’t get the incentive or cue to kick. When I was going uphill on the last part of the run, I asked coach whether or not I should kick twice – he said it was up to me. Then as he kicked, I kicked and I chased coach for the last kilometre or so of the run. He opened up a gap between us quickly which I began to close over time, but by the end, he was still in front of me.

Back absolutely soaked after the wet, rainy run

He explained to me that if I was to kick on that run, I should of kicked earlier because that where my strengths lie and that my having such a good acceleration to open up the gap he did between me and him, you can mentally break someone in a race because the gap created in a couple of seconds is so great.

The Rest of the Day

After the run, we showered and ate and watched parts of the Commonwealth Games. The plan was to do strength and conditioning in the afternoon. I decided to roast the chicken I had bought a couple of days ago so I had something to snack on if I was hungry.

My roast chicken after 2 and a half hours in the oven at 180°C

However, the rain and wind continued so coach decided that the conditions meant we couldn’t do our strength and conditioning outside (there was too little space inside) so he gave us a rest.

We went to Lidl and bought mince, spaghetti, tomato sauce for spaghetti bolognese to go alongside pizza before watching some Youtube in the evening about Yusuf Bizimana’s journey to winning English Schools and going to bed.

See the vlog for today down below:

How do you like to handle rainy runs?