Since we had dinner so late last night, we got up late at 10 am, but that was fine since it was a rest day today.

We had breakfast at different times and then sat together for a group discussion of how our training had been going and had intimate time (continued from the previous day) where Tamara, one of coach’s longtime athletes spoke out about some of her experiences.


We went out to the beach and bought some medication for our cameraman who had injured his knee. Whilst we were there we ran along the headlands to the edge where the waves were crashing into the rocks and then went back into the minibus and drove to Lidl to do food shopping (chicken and rice) for dinner and then drove back.

Rocks at the headlands by the beach

Yusuf, Zoro and Tamara prepared the food today and it smelled delicious.

Coach left before dinner to go and pick up Marilyn’s sister from the airport. By the time all the chicken and sauce was gone, we realised we were supposed to leave some food for him so we cooked up two eggs to scramble with the fried rice because coach will eat anything.

Vegetables, chicken in tomato and salsa sauce and fried rice with vegetables for dinner

When coach got back, we watched the movie 300 – I believe coach had certain reasons for choosing this film as it was about an army of 300 Spartans going to war with a massive army of Persians despite being told by the oracle that Sparta will fall.

I ended up leaving to go to bed at midnight as my eyes kept fluttering shut, but the film was enjoyable whilst I was wide awake.

See all that happened below:

Are there any movies you like to watch?