I had a lie in and got up at 8:30 am and went downstairs to make breakfast. Coach stopped me and asked me to wait for everyone to get up first so we could cook and eat together, so I snacked on some skyr (Icelandic yoghurt) instead.

Everyone was up at around 10 am, at that point we gathered around the table and had intimate time (where we discuss everything that has been going on so far in training and coach gives us knowledge he feels will benefit us, not just in training, but in life).

Beach Trip

We had a group brunch at 1 pm and set out to go to the beach at 3 pm.

Headlands at the beach on the overcast windy day

It was windy, cloudy and the beach was practically empty. We walked around there for a bit, but quickly left and soon it began to rain.


Five of us went back to the house whilst the rest went to the airport to pick up two more athletes who were due to join us.

Souleyman and Tamara cooked two roast chickens, fried rice and prepared vegetables for dinner.

Two roast chickens for dinner

Louis and Shane arrived at 9:40 pm and ate dinner and got their luggage sorted. Louis came to sleep upstairs with James and I, and Louis is, in fact, the person who got me involved with Inspired By Sports in the first place.

I’m really looking forward to training with Louis and Shane for the next week as they will definitely help push me to my limit.

Watch everything down below:

Do you have a training partner who helps push you to your limit?