We did our press ups and crunches in the morning and headed out for a 4.5km morning run at a steady pace, picking it up towards the end. After, it was onto deep breathing exercises and then breakfast. Our track session was due to be at 3 pm.

Track Session

We completed our 4km warm up and drills and then moved onto the different sessions given to us. Mine was:

  • 2 x split 800m
  • 6 x 200m

The split 800m consisted of doing a 400m, getting 10 seconds recovery and doing the other 400m.

Starting the session

I ran the split 800m with Yusuf Bizimana aka Fly Bizzy and then moved onto join Marilyn Okoro with her remaining 200m (her session was 20 x 200m). Somehow 6 x 200m turned into 10 x 200m and then coach shouted at me to do 4 more 200m after.

Each 200m I ran in around 32 seconds apart from the first where I had less than 10 seconds recovery. It was a good solid session and it knackered me badly. At one point I was contemplating whether to throw up – I didn’t in the end.


After, it was straight off to the shopping centre to Continente after the session for food and to get coach’s phone fixed so he could get signal.

At the supermarket Continente

I bought half a chicken cooked because I was so hungry to eat in the minibus and 1kg of chicken to roast for myself for €2.30.

We had pizza and chicken for dinner, I had (more) chicken and boiled vegetables with some dark chocolate at the end.

I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow because my legs are aching after the session today.

See what I got up to down below:

Has your coach ever surprised you with additional reps in a workout?