My name is Richard Laursen and I founded this site in order to blog about my running experiences, share my knowledge of running and nutrition and to document my journey as a young, serious endurance athlete who yearns to become an elite performer.

I am currently at sixth form I am studying biology, chemistry and physical education at A-level with hopes of continuing my studies into a food and nutrition related field (hopefully to do with sports or running) as I pursue my dreams of becoming an elite athlete.

I want people reading this site to be able to gather ideas on how they can improve as runners, how they can improve their diet to not only run better but feel more energised and live healthier lives whilst enjoying running either as a recreational activity or as a serious sport.

I am a believer that food is medicine and can be used to heal many ailments of the body that we consider normal in the 21st century.

The cause of all these problems?

Clearly, it’s the lazy lives many of us find ourselves with. Desk jobs, limited movement, easy access fast food – all have contributed to the decline in the health of many well-developed countries despite our medicinal technology improving because technology can only take us so far when it comes to longevity and living life to the fullest. The rest we have to do ourselves.

I want to open up your mind to the wonders food and fitness can do for us.

Many of us try to eat more healthily but struggle in the process as that mental inner struggle occurs within us.

By running, you can learn to explore your environment and it is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime!

This blog will be focused around training methods, diet, nutrition, food, leading a healthy lifestyle, living well and will also cover my personal training as I endeavour to become a better athlete.

Whilst I am not a health professional of any sort, I wish to become one. I will use various experiences, studies and reasonings to come to conclusions on different topics from which you can figure out how you would live to approach and try to improve your health.

By joining me, I hope you can become fitter, healthier and enjoy life a little more by taking care of yourself.

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